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Pastor Flips His Wig…well sort of

About a year and a half ago a friend of Pastor Ritchie’s said to him, “Why don’t you let your hair grow like mine did and then donate the hair to Wigs For Kids?”  At that point Pastor Ritchie decided that idea sounded like a good idea and so on December 10, 2014  the journey began.  After many washings and words uttered on why he didn’t like his hair being long, the day arrived.  It was time to set up the appointment to get “The Cut.”  The call was made to Bethany Golden to come out to make sure the hair was cut properly. Bethany is Pastor’s niece who is the owner/proprietor of Over My Head Boutique at the Bing Cancer Center across from Riverside Hospital. Over My Head is a wig, prosthetic shop ministering to cancer patients.

Pastor decided that there would be a “Ceremony” after church for the “Cutting Ceremony.”  So, after the service on June 5th the members of Reformation and Good Shepherd gathered for the ceremony.  Pastor took his seat and Bethany began to prepare the hair.  Bethany proceeded to make small ponytails of 12” hair bundles.  After imitation drum rolls and background piano accompaniment Bethany would cut off the ponytail and pastor would hold it up for all to see.  All in all, there were four “ponytails” which will go to Wigs For Kids.  THEN, following Pastor’s haircut, Paula Ritchie, Pastor’s wife, stepped up to the chair went through the same process.  All in all Wigs For Kids faired very well on that Sunday. 
The website for Wigs For Kids is




On Sunday, January 31, 2016, the members of Reformation Lutheran Church were on FIRE!!!!!
On Sunday, the members of Reformation celebrated a major milestone in its 70 plus year history.  There were  a couple refinances,  a year of tough times in 1985 when making the mortgage payment was a little difficult for six or seven months and other “belt tightening” moments.  But thanks to regular giving by the members, a monetary gift from the Women’s Club and a gift of money from two other families the mortgage was paid in full November, 2015 which was Five Months Early!  To celebrate the event Pastor Ritchie and the Church Council planned a special service to be held on January 31st.  At that service we were honored to have Pastor Wick from the Southern Ohio Synod present to give the sermon. 

We also were pleased to have two of Reformation’s Charter Members, Bea Garrelts and Harold Winters, there to help “light up” the mortgage.  We also had one of our youngest members, Annias McDaniels, there to witness the “Flames” up close.  Following the service all were invited to stay where we had a special cake plus other goodies. 






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