MEN’S GROUP FISHING TRIPS Trip 1 – The Men’s Group had a fish outing on Lake Erie back in June. (The 14th, 2018, I think) It is not talked about too much because the results were less than stellar. Those who attended were Pastor, Herb Docken, Rob Sass, Jim Wilson and John Rushmeyer. Each person caught a perch as well as some Sheepheads. Enough said about that trip. Trip 2 – Pastor, Rob Sass and John Rushmeyer left for Traverse Bay, Michigan on Monday, August 27th. They stayed overnight on the bay and woke up around 5 AM the next day to go fish for salmon and trout. A pretty serious thunderstorm came through that night so it was a toss up as to whether they would fish that Tuesday morning. Captain Jeff (who was a friend of Pastor’s) called from his boat on the bay and said that there were 25 MPH winds. Captain Jeff suggested we wait an hour to see what the weather would do. About an hour later he called to tell us that the winds had laid down and we would go fishing, so we loaded up our stuff and headed for the dock. Captain Jeff and his first mate, Dave boarded the boat and we all took off for the “salmon area” a few minutes away. (For you non-boating people, the back of the boat looked similar to the picture below.

There were around ten lines thrown out into the water – along each side and out the back like the picture - and when a fish bit on the hook the person whose turn it was would grab that pole). We trolled in that area for an hour and a half to no avail. Captain Jeff then asked us if we would want to go to “the island” (about 15 minutes away). That area is known for good trout fishing so we agreed. We were there for about 2 hours and each caught two fish (some Cisco’s, a couple small salmon and Pastor caught the record trout – 32 inches long, 13 pounds). Now for the story behind that “record catch”. John was the first one in line so when the first fish hit the line, John reeled him in. It was a decent size Cisco. Rob was the next one up. He reeled in another good size Cisco. The next one up was Pastor. When something bit his line, he reeled it in and it was a puny little salmon. I’ve see bigger fish in a sardine can. Well, John being the compassionate person that he is told Pastor that even though the next fish would be his (John’s) turn, Pastor could go ahead and have his (John’s) turn since his (Pastor’s) fish was so small. So when then next pole snagged a fish, Pastor (not John even though it was John’s turn) took the rod and reel in his hands and worked that fish for minutes on end and when he finally managed to get the catch close enough to the boat so that Captain Jeff could net it and bring it on board, there it was. A most wonderful sight to behold…a 32 inch, 13 pound trout. All that thanks to the generosity and fair mindedness of John who saw how depressed Pastor was when he pulled in that sardine disguised as a salmon. When asked later what caused him to forfeit his place in line John replied, “I asked myself ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ And even though the answer that came back was ‘Tell him to Cast out on the other side of the boat’ I decided that I would instead just forfeit my chance for fame and fortune and let Pastor have the chance to rejoice in the moment, all the time knowing that it was because of my generosity and putting others before myself that he was able to enjoy that record catch……..EVEN THOUGH IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE.”

So below is a picture of that momentous catch. All, thanks to Captain Jeff, Dave and yes, thanks in part to John Rushmeyer.












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